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Intelligent sorter ● Sorting step in place

high efficiency,high quality,low cost

  • Easy, fast

    one key operation via only tabletPC, no waiting, pick the grain in one step, save time and low consumption
  • Time saving, labor saving

    ntelligent sorter for high speed, stable output machine 1 hours, = 10 people 8 hours, saving time and effort
  • Low cost, more funcations

    election kinds of material via one device, Providing processing production, reduce production costs
  • Better quality, no damage

    special chute, accurate elimination of various impurities, nutrition is not lost, food is delicious, more healthy

Color-selector machine

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ZRWS color sorter

other brand color sorter in market

Operating system

Wesort color sorter is a mobile tablet computer, popular operation interface, and sustainable update system, without any cost pressure, WiFi remote operation, debugging and detecting materials at the same time

Other manufacturers color sorters are solidified industrial computers The operating system is old and inconvenient, and the system can not be continuously upgraded When the product requirements are continuously improved, they can only be eliminated and replaced with new ones

Led light

Wesort color sorter is a color CCD system, the light source is white light, high brightness, long life, stable light source, identify the material as the actual color, the material of similar color can be selected, the color selection effect is better

Other manufacturers color sorters are white CCD systems The light source presents blue light or other colors The identification materials are black and gray and white It is difficult to identify the materials with similar colors

Processing system

Wesort color sorter intelligent and efficient processing system, fast response, maximize material selection rate, and sustainable upgrades, increasing the unlimited choice of material selection

The processing system of other manufacturers color sorters is backward, the response speed is slow, and the net effect of material selection is affected, and the system can not be continuously upgraded The system that can not meet the requirements can only be eliminated

Camera lens

Wesort color sorting machine adopts a multi-billion pixel high-speed camera, which can identify the true color of materials in high-definition, recognize the color accurately, and identify the material diameter as small as 0 04mm

he number of pixels in other manufacturers color sorters is 20 48 million, and the identification material is black and white imaging The identification color is fuzzy, and the minimum diameter of the material is 0 08mm

  • Nut Color Sorter

    The customer uses a 6 chute 6SXZ-408 Wesort Color Sorter to remove the moldy nut
  • Tea Color Sorter

    Wesort intelligent CCD tea color sorter can separate tea stems and yellow leaves to improve tea quality
Corporate Profile

ShenZhen ZhongRuiWeiShi Optoelectronic Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sale of intelligent color sorter machine.As the largest color sorter manufacture in south of China, we have the top-level color sorter technical team worked in europe and America for years, constant develop newer & more high quality color sorter machine.We based on "honesty first, pursuit of excellence" company tenet to establish global food safety standard makes Chinese and all of the world people eat secure food as our duty . Continue strengthen company management, improve product quality, make the company management and the product quality reach to world leading level.

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