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Pepper color sorter to select high quality pepper
As a daily condiment, pepper occupies a large proportion in people’s lives. With the gradual increase in consumption levels, people’s demand for health and nutrition has increased. People not only achieve the goal of food and clothing, but also Most of them pursue the fragrance of taste. High-quality pepper is better for the flavor enhancement of dishes, and the pepper color sorter selects high-quality pepper to make the pepper better. During the reprocessing and production process of pepper, there will be a lot of impurities, like good pepper products, there are basically not many rods, hetero-colored particles, thorns and other impurities; the pepper color sorting machine is based on the color difference of the pepper to separate the different colors in the raw materials of the pepper. The thorns, stems, snails, seeds and other heterochromatic particles are sorted out to obtain good pepper products. In order to further improve the quality of pepper, merchants usually remove impurities and sort the products, and classify pepper according to demand, which not only meets the needs of different consumer markets, but also increases the value of nuts to a certain extent. However, the use of manual operations for grading Zanthoxylum bungeanum causes high labor costs and it is difficult to completely guarantee the grading quality of Zanthoxylum bungeanum. Nowadays, many food processing fields have achieved automation and mechanization in the sorting and grading links. Through advanced sorting machines, grading machines or Chinese pepper color sorting machines and other sorting equipment, the products with better color can be sorted and eliminated Impurities, defective products, and heterochromatic particles ensure the quality of material sorting. The quality and safety of pepper products cannot be ignored. The pepper color sorter selects high-quality pepper to improve the quality and price of pepper.